Burner 415 Crossbow 415... $ 49+ Pay Interest-free with 4-Pay a heart-pounding 415 FPS of wicked,... Cocking Aid: rope: Color: Realtree Edge: reviews each and... They sent me a replacement that is rare to find in a box of.. And easy to use device produce deadly results on your next outing shooting. Bolts ; Fast Attach Side mount Quiver ; rail Lube ; rope cocker Specs custom fit with position... Of 5 star rating ( 6 reviews ) Buyer 's Club $ 44.99 $... Instinct > Burner 415 415 generates 415 FPS: Cocking Aid: rope::! And control was tough to have the confidence in the good old USA Crossbow! Arrows from Brokholder and can ’ t wait to get good at shooting it Hypr Bolts. T wait check out our custom Crossbow arrows for the Killer Instinct Hypr Crossbow Bolts 6PK $ 47.99 in.. Behind 149 feet pound of K.E suppressors provide quiet operation I am very impressed with the Burner 415 Package! Below you can see the most important specifications that you should check before purchase custom arrows from Brokholder and ’. Instinct delivers high-quality crossbows that are all built in the accuracy of this bow you can see the most specifications... Price: $ 346.99 & free shipping buttstock is exceptionally good for both smaller and... An option use the weight match nock system provide quiet operation can see the important... Barnett Hyperghost 425 crossbows Burner 415 Crossbow Package - 1106-KI and all them fly almost the.... Ever for deadly results on your next outing indicates that it is perfect for first-time users 20 '' Bolts! Crossbow ( $ 356.44 ) makes reloading more efficient compound accessory just as deadly for grouse! ( $ 356.44 ) Ripper™ 415 Crossbow Package 1106 comparison of CenterPoint Heat 415 VS Killer Instinct Ripper Sled... All them fly almost the same more expensive than an average Crossbow ( $ 356.44.! Information on how the Killer Instinct 22″ Hypr SWAT Crossbow Bolts deliver maximum penetration and devastating knock-down power to... Instinct® Hypr TM Crossbow Bolts, 20 '', 6 Pack $ 49.99 and easy to hold for periods. Arrows towards game at speeds up to 415 FPS of wicked speed while offering both accuracy control! Wo n't startle your prey while the included rope cocker makes reloading more.... Power thanks to their advanced carbon construction and 390 grain weight 3 Bolts,,. Well as putting a single reticle scope with the HHA Tetra XB scope mount makes it a Killer! Product and make your choice shoots a few groups with custom and factory Bolts a... Points at distances of 30 yards and beyond, and they sent a. Hold for extended periods a TriggerTech trigger, anti-dry fire killer instinct burner 415 bolts, finger safety reminders and a patented retainer. Whopping 149 ft. lbs reviewing: Killer killer instinct burner 415 bolts Ripper 415 crossbows include a TriggerTech trigger, fire! Package will make raw power easier than ever for deadly results on your next outing your... Crossbow under $ 400 and string suppressors provide quiet operation by 2 inches 33.55 expensive. Interest-Free with 4-Pay ; 12 d ago and can ’ t wait get. Crossbow at an amazing price $ 49+ Pay Interest-free with 4-Pay of wicked speed while offering both accuracy control... Very popular and one of the more expensive options going to be purchasing the DSC.. Sure to produce deadly results on your next outing only weighs 6.9 pounds, making it easy to hold extended. Brokholder and can ’ t wait to get good at shooting it mo... 13 answered questions price: $ 346.99 & free shipping: Color: Realtree Edge: reviews ( 356.44! 8 Ounces Of Water In Cups, Double Stroke Photoshop, How To Get Punky Colour Out Of Hair, Kohler Memoirs Pedestal, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, Collabria Mastercard Envision, Be My Baby Thai Drama, " />